Hello Friends and Family! In 20 hours I am leaving for Guatemala to join an amazing team of skilled sustainability specialists, artists and filmmakers on a very special project called Project Nuevo Mundo’s Earth Odyssey.
We are visiting selected Impact Centers and events to teach workshops and leave behind completed projects, including cob benches and ovens, solar dehydrators, rocket stoves, murals and art pieces, worm bins, beekeeping systems, gardening projects and more. I am on the art team, and will painting murals, live painting at the events we visit, and giving workshops on creativity and invoking the power of the imagination to create the realities we want to live in! This in truly a dream come true, and it is just the beginning.
I will be posting photos, media and digital sketches of the experience on my Facebook Page, so be sure to check in to see the magic!

“Earth Odyssey will leave a positive trace at nine impact centers and transformational festivals by providing skilled labor, professional media and publicity, and an array of workshops taught by our econauts to bring communities into living in balance with the planet. We will strengthen the network between these centers on the ground and online to increase their visibility by releasing 3-minute films throughout the journey. Previous to enlisting in service to the Earth Odyssey, both buses on board have exceptional histories as vehicles for community service. Twenty econauts, two buses, and a mission to build a network of interlinked impact centers = a potent formula, ripe with the potential to catalyze a movement. We can do this, together.”


I am the featured artist for the Cosmic Convergence festival at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala for the new year going into 2014. This is going to be a really amazing event that connects with other projects including one that really excites me, which is a Central American bus tour that will go down from Mexico to Panama and back stopping at various eco centers and areas where we can stop and help build solutions, inspire and educate. I have been creating artwork for Cosmic Convergence, check out the flyer and sticker design!


I am happy to announce that I will be a featured artist at the Envision Festival in Costa Rica this year!
Really looking forward to creating with so many other amazing artists in the jungle <3


Hi everyone! I’ve been very busy traveling, so here is a long overdue update on what I’ve been doing:

I’m really stoked to be the featured artist in Mushroom Magazine this summer which will be distributed at the BOOM and Ozora festivals in Europe! Even if I can’t be physically at BOOM, my art and spirit will be there and that makes me happier then ever :) Look for the mag there, or else check out the online version here:

I am also working on a series of environmental concept paintings for the upcoming film The Fifth Sacred Thing based on the novel by Starhawk. This is the latest piece I did illustrating the vision of San Francisco as an eco-utopia during the year 2048.

I also had the honor of creating my first fillmore poster!  This has been a dream of mine since I was a teenager, so I was really happy to do this.  The poster was for the reggae band SOJA, aka Soldiers of Jah Army.


Hello! Here is info for a few shows I have lined up for this week:
Friday 2/10/12 Raindance Presents: Chinese New Year @ 1015 Folsom St, San Francisco
- This is one of my favorite parties in SF, it gets pretty crazy! I will be here showing art, selling prints and creating some live art amongst other artists

Tuesday 2/14/12 Valentine’s Day!
Om Shan Tea presents: The 2nd annual Heartform 7pm – 2am
Historic Sweets Ballroom, 1933 Broadway, Oakland, CA, 94612
Before 8pm: $15 / Before 9pm: $20 / After 9pm: $25
I will be showing art and creating live drawings, and I’ll do a portrait of you and your lover! I’ll take kisses for tips ;)

Friday 2/17/12
2 events:
EW’s Artists in Action monthly BOHEMIAN NIGHTS presents “Visionary Love”
1543 Mission St. 3rd Floor, San Francisco, CA 7pm – 12am
Re:Creation @ 1015 Folsom St in SF 10pm – 4am




I’m having an art show on December 2nd!  I’m honored to share the walls with Luke Brown and Seth Mcmahon.
Here are the details, the show is free, hope to see you there.

The Syndicate Visionary Art Show
@ The Syndicate Live Art Gallery, a brand new tattoo shop and art gallery, this is the grand opening party!
1017 Howard St. San Francisco, CA 94103

-Featured Artists!




-Music Line up!

Lotus Drops




More Dj’s TBA…


Performance by Madamn Burnz (Fire Warriors)


-This Event is FREE


-We will be serving alcohol. 21 to drink..




Hello everyone!  I have FINALLY activated my new store, here on my website.  Now you can easily purchase items from home.  Right now I have poster prints of four of my paintings, and soon I will add my hand-screenprinted posters.  The posters are 11″ x 17″ and they go for only $20.  If you support the Occupy and anti-corporate movement, this is a really great chance for you to support local and independent artists while shopping for the holidays.  Doesn’t it feel good to know that your money goes directly to the artist, for something handmade or printed locally, rather then through a corporation who makes their products in a foreign country most likely by people working in poor conditions?  Yeah! Thank you for your support:)


Permaculture and The Fifth Sacred Thing

I am currently involved in the preproduction of the up and coming film “The Fifth Sacred Thing”.  I really believe that this is a Real opportunity for us all to shape our future towards positive change and sustainability…this is where the real change happens….in inspiring the minds of all through the catalyst of film, art, music, imagination and story….in harvesting from whats deep within and bringing it out to the world.  Click the link above for more information on the movie and the popular book written by Starhawk.  The film is currently in it’s very beginning stages, so if you feel inspired by this, please donate to our kickstarter campaign to help bring this work of art into fruition.  If you believe in the power of art to transform the collective mind and change our world for the better, this is definitely a way to do it.


Check out this video documenting our west coast tour promoting digital art and creative empowerment, starting at Lightning in a Bottle in Irvine, CA.
“This video showcases the voyage of the Night Rainbow. A projected visual installation that is part of the Seeing is Believing Art Tour lead by digital artist Android Jones. Some stops on the Tour will also feature appearances by Visual Artists Geographik, Johnathan Singer, Totemical, Xavi, Jessica Perlstein and music by The Human Experience, Random Rab, Bird of Prey, and performances by Phadroid.”

This is the painting I created live during Pretty Lights’ set at Lightning in a Bottle. This is the first digital painting I’ve ever created live!

Also, I have had the honor and privilege of creating environmental concept artwork for the forthcoming filming of The Fifth Sacred Thing, based on a novel by Starhawk. You can see samples of the work in this video directed by Paradox Pollack, Jordan Byrne and Mo Use,
featuring the art talents of Jessica Perlstein, Andrew Jones, Shrine On, and Raul Casillas Romo.
Click on the link at the bottom of the video if you want to know more information on the movie and provide your support towards making this a reality.



I’m honored to be involved with the Seeing Is Believing tour, a digital art and music west coast adventure designed to inspire and stimulate your senses and encourage you to activate your creative spirit!! Click the image above for all up to date info, we will be posting updates all throughout the tour.


Hello world;)  Lot’s to catch up on…I’ll try to update my blog more often!
Currently I am exhibiting in two locations.  I have “G-aya-nized Goddess” showing at the Temple of Visions in downtown Los Angeles, CA in the Tribe 13 room for emerging artists.  I am also showing and selling original paintings in P-KOK, a boutique and backyard sauna spa at 776 Haight St.  I have many paintings created live at events hanging there, along with some screen prints.

These next two months are packed and exciting!  Kicking off the summer will be the Alchemeyez Visionary Art Congress in Hawaii from May 13th through May 15th.  Afterwords is Lightning in a Bottle in southern California, followed by the Raindance Campout, and then I will be joining a very special tour!

Over the past few months I have taken up the very special honor of apprenticing under digital artist Android Jones.  Throughout my entire art journey in life I have focused primarily on developing my skills with traditional mediums.  Now a whole new world is opening up to me creatively as Android has been teaching me everything I now know in working with digital media.  I have been taking these last months to experiment and develop my flow with these new tools, so expect to see a lot of new creative work as I experiment with the endless possibilities of creating with and mixing digital and analog mediums!  This is a huge time of learning and growth for me, so my artwork may fluctuate as I learn my flow in this new realm.

So! Now that I’ve explained my new endeavors, I can explain what I will be doing this summer.  This year at Lightning in a Bottle, instead of painting with Lightning in a Paintcan, I will be taking my first stab at digital live painting!  We are setting up a late night secret digital art zone somewhere on the premises, come find us for some serious good times!

After Lightning in a Bottle, I will be participating at the Raindance Campout in Saratoga, CA.  I will be working with traditional paint here, but also may break out the pixels for some digital painting as well.  Raindance is one of my favorite events, I can’t wait for this one!  I’ll be bringing some artwork to show and sell as well.

and AFTER THAAAT, I will be going on tour with Android Jones and a crew of amazing people up the west coast and back in support of digital art and live painting, and to promote the release of Corel Painter 12!  This is going to be ridiculously fun and wild, we are renegading it all over the place, I’ll post updates as it starts to manifest!


Hi Everyone!  Lots coming up these next couple of months.  This weekend, Alchemeyez is having it’s second annual visionary arts congress and festival in Kona, Hawaii.  I’m flying in as one of the featured artists.  The art gallery this year will be incredible, with Romio Shrestha as the headlining master artist who is said to be the 17th reincarnation of Tibetan T’angka painter Arniko.  After the event, the artists will be gathering with visionary global strategist Jim Channon to discuss the role of visionary art in today’s world and what we can do as innovators to help the world become a better place!  I’ll keep this blog updated with the results.  I think it’s really important during our time to gather in groups to discuss ways we can all work together.  We need to focus more on community and family, working in teams, utilizing our skills as a group to make things happen.

check out the Alchemeyez website for more details


Lots to catch up on, and lots going on!  I apologize for not being so up to date lately.  The “Live Art” section of the gallery has been updated with many new paintings created at events over this past summer and fall.  The events section has also been updated.  Be sure to add me on facebook to stay even more up to date! ;)

I’m currently exhibiting my painting “G-aya-nized Goddess” at Madrone Studios in San Francisco for the Interdimensional Art Show alongside an incredible amount of amazing visionary artists. The exhibit will be up until December 20th, 2010. Be sure to stop by the studio and check it out, you can call 415-800-8116 to make an appointment. I will also be exhibiting a couple of pieces at the Tribe 13 Gallery in Ukiah, CA from December 3rd – January 31st.

Here’s a recap of my summer festival tour for 2010!
It began with the Lightning in a Bottle festival in Irvine, CA. I was painting for a project called Lightning in a Paintcan, which auctions off artwork created during events put on by The Do Lab, and proceeds go to the Sonic Muze foundation, which helps raise money to buy art supplies for underfunded schools in Los Angeles, CA. I had a blast, because they set me up next to the stage with all of my favorite music, and so I enjoyed being able to hang out by my painting and work, and also get my dance on! I had them provide a 4′ x 6′ wood panel to paint on…..the largest canvas I have ever painted on during an event….it was taller then me! I was intimidated by painting live on large canvases before, but now I have learned that larger canvases mean more room to move and get into it. Now I feel confined with a smaller canvas, it’s amazing how your point of view can change once you’ve gone past your boundaries. I started off by being inspired by my surroundings, painting the lake that was a part of the view from the location of the festival. I added some of the native plants that you could see on the trail from the camping area to the music area. Later in the night, a bunch of insects were attracted to the lights that the artists had shining on our canvases. They were all over the paintings, but what was really cool is that the insects were landing on the plants that I had painted earlier in the day….they looked like they were a part of the painting! I pointed this out to a few people and was told I should do some studies of the bugs and paint them in…..so I painted realistic versions of the bugs right next to the real ones. People had a hard time telling the difference between the two:) This inspired me to paint bugs everywhere, all over the bottom of the painting where the plants were, keeping the theme of native plant and animal life. I added birds and the sunrise and sunset later. This was the most adventurous time I’ve ever had in my live art experience.

The next festival I participated in was Raindance in Santa Cruz, CA. I love this festival because it is smaller and very intimate, hidden deep in the Santa Cruz redwood forest. I felt very much at home and surrounded by friends and family, it had a very nest-like quality. The vibe is laid back and open, people can really let go all the way. There was tons of art here this year…a live art area and exhibit for all the local live artists, and also a Tribe 13 exhibit for visionary art. I showed my “G-aya-nized Goddess” painting for the first time here, and the placement of it was closer to the ground, which made people have to kneel down to really view her. This allowed viewers to want a longer, more intimate look. I worked on a painting which captured the energy of the night vs the energy of the day, putting down the first stroke of warm yellow color right as the sun started peaking up;) The main dance area was amazing, and very closely resembled a dream I had of a light-up geometry playground. My friends Audio Pixel brought out their LED lightboard for the main stage, and I got to witness some of my artwork stream through it, which was really really AWESOME!!

Next came the first annual Alchemeyez Visionary Arts Congress in Hawaii. This was a big one for me because it was the first time I ever got to show work with most of my favorite artists, and I really connected with and became a part of the visionary art family. It was also my first time travelling to Hawaii, and travelling a far distance for an art event. I exhibited “G-aya-nized Goddess”…right next to Alex Grey! I also showed a giclee print of “Cosmic Nectar” in the gallery. I had such a great experience dancing, relaxing, bonding and watching the sunrise on the ocean. It was an event filled with many memorable moments and inside jokes, getting down and dirty in the jungle!;) The last day was the best, filled with tons of workshops, performances and all of the artists creating artwork at once. We blew the roof off with our energy!

Next came the Trinity Tribal Stomp where I exhibited artwork with Tribe 13 and painted in the late night visionary dome with Alex and Allyson Grey, Mark Henson, Roman Villagrana and Michael Garfield. It was a mellow event with a lot of different styles of live music…and it was also very HOT! We took many trips to the Trinity River to cool off, but the river was extremely cold, so we could only handle dipping in for a little bit.

I helped with the Wanderlust yoga festival in Squaw Valley after that, creating a space with my friends the Wabi Sabi collective. Wabi Sabi is a crew that creates bamboo structures for events. We helped create and hold space for the tea temple and chill out area, and also the massage and bodywork area. I exhibited many of my paintings in the bodywork area, so people could view the works as they were being healed.

The last festival I participated in this summer was Burning Man! I exhibited “G-ayanized Goddess” and “Cosmic Nectar” prints in the Sacred Spaces Village, and performed live art for the party at Entheon Village on wednesday night. I painted for their wednesday night party last year too, and it remains one of my favorites. Their parties always attract a wild crowd of fun people…the kind of people who love rainbows and unicorns and magic, and they always bring it out all the way at these parties. So I painted a crowd of dancing people swirling rainbow energy everywhere! Woohoo!

This was the most fun, intense summer I ever had, I put tons of effort into making all of this happen, and it was completely rewarding….hope to do it again next summer!


The festies are coming!!!  I’m happy to be officially participating with some of the big festivals this year.  I’ve got 3 big ones in a row coming up…

First of all, I’m incredibly excited to be a featured artist at the Alchemeyez Visionary Arts festival in HAWAII!!  This is happening mid June from the 10-13th.  Some of the headlining artists include Alex and Allyson Grey, Robert Venosa, Martina Hoffman, Andrew Jones, Luke Brown etc etc etc!! These are my freaking HEROES!  How do I even put into words what an honor it is as a seedling of an artist in the community to be showing work and participating at an event with such established flowers?  The least I can say is that it’s a dream come true.  Big props to Rio Gordon for throwing this event and bringing together artists old and new.  I would love to see you out there with me!  This event is all about the art…the artists will be giving out workshops and some will be giving classes.  There will be a discussion panel with all of the artists, and a big collaborative live painting sesh! yeeaah!  The music will be great too, mixing some of the best of the west coast culture with the locals of Hawaii.  You can see more info, artist bios and purchase tickets at the website.

Also, coming really soon is the Lightning in a Bottle festival in Irvine, CA from May 28th-31st!  I will be participating in the Lightning in a Paintcan program.  Lightning in a Paintcan is an organization put together by The Do Lab and Sonic Muze, who gather together a big handful of live painters for their events and auction off the paintings.  A portion of the proceeds go towards the purchase of art supplies for underfunded schools in Los Angeles.  I performed with them for Lucent L’amour in LA, and I’m happy to be with them again for The Do Lab’s official festival.  The lineup of live painters is completely off the hook, and I’m excited and humbled to be participating with such talented artists.  Check out the Lightning in a Paintcan lineup

and HERE is the crazy MUSIC LINEUP!!!!!



On 4/29/10 I worked on a collaborative live painting with my friend Laurel Smith.  It was created at Mighty in San Francisco with Bogl, Mimosa, Alex B, Lazersword and Eprom.  It was tons of fun painting this, I really enjoy working with Laurel, here is an image that shows the process of the painting from start to finish.  I prepared the wooden board with black and white spray paint and stencils.  We used acrylics and puff paint ;)   here is a link to her website
Art By Laurus


So much going on!  Lots of amazing projects in the works…I can’t wait to let you all know about them.  I just got some nice giclee prints made, and I will be setting up my store soon so you can buy art directly from this website.  I’m also working on some cool accessories, so you can WEAR the art!  Very unique hair attachments, fun art clips to attach to your belts, screen printed tshirts, all coming soon.

Also, on April 18th, I will have artwork showing in San Deigo, CA at the 20th Annual Multi Cultural Earth Day Festival.  If you are down there, go and check it out, it’s free!  My artwork will be hanging with Eco Artopia’s Visionary Art Garden.

Here is the latest live painting from Lupin Lodge, painted on 4/2/10.  This one was extra fun, I got completely sucked in and wouldn’t stop for hours.  I was experimenting with new approaches, new compositions, and becoming more illustrative with it.  I feel like my work in the studio and my live work are slowly melding together…I’m hoping to get to a point where I can paint in the studio much faster, and paint at events with much more precision.  They are like two ends of a spectrum with approaches to painting.  One is very planned out, precise and detailed, and the other is completely spontaneous, chaotic, and going with the flow with barely any plans.  I’m trying to make my way to a point somewhere in the middle, but in order to teach myself how to get there, I’ve had to start at both ends, moving in.  It’s quite a process!

I’m also really happy to find that the folks who produce the Lightning in a Paintcan project documented the paintings at Lucent L’amour in LA, and now I have a MUCH better photograph of my painting from that event…enjoy!


This was painted live at 1015 Folsom in San Francisco last friday night with Apparat, Marty Party, Lynx and Janover, an-ten-nae and more.  I’ve been wanting to paint the dancefloor crowd energy, or what I like to call “cosmic slop” (yes, that’s from p-funk ;P), for a really long time!  I found this large piece of clear plexiglass that I coated with gesso.  What I didn’t realize at the time that I was coating it, is that it’s semi-transparent…which means that if I paint with transparent pigments, I can shine light through the back side of the painting!  It was a fun accident to stumble upon, which caused my friend and I to play around with the light I was using, and we created a little mini light show with it towards the end of the event.  We were being pretty silly.  It was a great catalyst for ideas and experiments in the future!


I am back from my visit to Los Angeles to paint live for The Do Lab’s Lucent L’amour valentine’s day party.  It was an amazing show with a huge focus on art, and the art was spectacular!  Everywhere you turned was a feast for the eyes and ears.  I painted alongside 14 other live painters, and the paintings were all auctioned off near the end.  60% of the proceeds went to a charity for underfunded schools to buy art supplies.  I was stoked to be painting alongside such talented people….and I produced one of the best paintings I think I’ve ever done live!  I broke a lot of my boundaries, and learned a lot…I expect my future pieces to only get better from the experience.  Unfortunately I’m not the greatest photographer, and all I have left of the painting are some not so great photos…but I just have to share them!  I think I might turn this concept into a fully detailed studio painting.  As a live painter, I’m really into transparency and showing off the process, so I attached some in progress pictures on top of the photo…enjoy!


I just finished this little experiment I started a couple hours ago. It was a dip into the waters of what I would call “chaos painting”.  It’s also a bit of a reflection of what I experience when I’m dancing in/with a crowd.


Just got back from Lupin Lodge in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains.  An Amazing crazy/dreamy night filled with art and sloppy dancing…in a yurt!  We had live artists all around the edges, and dancing in the middle, it was like a moving art gallery…an art gallery that was totally LIVE in your face!  It ended noon the next day, in the afternoon sunshine.  Here’s a little idea of what it was like, though no photo could really capture this portal dream space…

I created two new paintings during this night.  The one with the sun was started in may of 2009 at the same place, Lupin Lodge, and I decided to bring it back to finish it where I started it.  The first painting, the one with the keys, was a real experiment and attempt to escape from the comfort zone of the symmetrical paintings that I normally do live.  This time, I nervously plunged into the chaos of just placing shapes everywhere, knowing that it may not really end up as anything significant.  Symmetry has a power to it that makes anything look like it has meaning, even if they are just meaningless shapes.  Though now I realize the power of the repeated shape.  One shape may or may not have any meaning to it, or any power, but the same shape repeated over and over and over again suddenly has a power that can be very activating, and can make a seemingly chaotic painting look like its “going somewhere”.  The live environment has been like a classroom to me, I’m learning as a go, and my live painting teaches me how to paint in the studio, and my studio paintings teach me how to paint live.  Thanks for being there and enjoying the experience of my transparency in making my growth as an artist public.

Now I will be heading to downtown San Francisco for a group art show tonight featuring 20+ visionary artists, music, dancing, tea, aerial performances, healing spaces andyoga themes, put on by Ecoartopia and the Mystic Garden Party!


Hello everyone!  I will be showing artwork with 20+ visionary artists at the Jellyfish Abyss Gallery at Folsom and 9th in San Francisco on Sunday 1/31/10 for “The Art Of Yoga”. Check out the “events” section for more information.


Welcome to the new website!  I’m excited to have a new solid online portfolio after 4 years of having my art spread out all over the web in various locations… I’ll be posting any related news and fun things here, and shows will be posted in the “Events” section.